Welcome to GameDevChat!

    By Chabane

    GameDevChat.com gives everyone a place to hang out and talk about game development projects, gaming, and events that are happening, particularly around the Bloomington, IN area.

    Here's a break-down of what to do on this site:

    • The News tab is where you should go to see callouts to local events, and other useful updates and opportunities related to game development. For example, if there is a game dev competition or game dev jam, we would post details there.

    • The Projects tab is where you can find all the game development projects that people want to show. I encourage you all to make a game dev project page there on the Projects page for any game that you've started working on. Peers can post comments, giving you feedback, and this is an excellent way to promote your game.

      For example, if you're an artist, then you can take a look at the projects people are working on, and if one looks interesting to you, then you can offer to join forces with the developer!

      I've already tossed up a project on the Projects page that I'll try to be working on. You can use this as a simple example of what a project page may look like.

    • The Groups tab is where you can make or join a game dev team. For example, let's say you and a couple friends want to make a Skyrim mod. You can make a group site under the Groups page, call your group something like "Sky 5", and you can set it to invite only (or public if you'd like!).

      In your group site, you can use the message board feature to communicate with your teammates, create resource pages for your game design document, list of art assets you'll need, technical design document, meetup locations and contact info, or whatever you like.

      For example, the Game Development Camp has its own group for former and current students and counselors to be able to chill and keep talking after the camp.

    • The Quick Posts tab is where you can just post whatever's on your mind. Saw something cool, post it there. New game was announced, you can mention it there.

    • The Game Camp Area tab takes game camp students/counselors directly to the Game Development Camp group.

    Remember to build your profile and friend people too!

    Post any comments here on this post if you have any questions.

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